Bringing More Than LIFE... To Music

A native son of Akron, Ohio, Phil Williams is an ordained Pastor and leading Conservative media personality. He is host of Philosophy with Phil Williams Show and creator of Runaway Conservative, as well as the animated character Lil Jimmy. Phil has also recently released his new pro life album, "Right To Life" and The song "That Face" from his Gospel album "Show and Tell".

Although he was negatively influenced by his father’s undesirable lifestyle, Phil credits God for blessing him with a better life. At an early age he enlisted in the U.S. Army where he served as a Communication Specialist. Unfortunately, his service left him with some life challenges. However, even as a disabled veteran, he still encourages other veterans of his community, and motivates them to remain positive and productive. 


Phil currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where he is a Youth Pastor at Mustard Seed Faith Ministry under Sr. Pastor Jimmy A. Copeland. His truly inspirational music can be found at GospelCity.com

Pastor Phil Williams aka Philosophy