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is a Pro Life game changer!

Purchase Now & Rock For LIFE!

Right To Life!

What’s up everybody this is your man Philosophy, also known as Phil Williams from The GFL that stands for God’s Faith League. What I’m here to do today is talk to you about something that is very very dear to my heart and that is The Pro Life Movement. Life begins from conception and it ends at natural death. We like to say “from the womb to the tomb!”

There is a missing piece in our Po Life Movement and we are aimed to fill it. The message of Pro Life is disseminated through pamphlets, brochures, prayers, speeches, talking points, round table discussions and various other means.  But one piece that’s missing in our Pro Life Movement is the art of Hip Hop. What I am advocating to be is a Hip Hop voice in the Pro Life Movement. The song you just got finished listening to “For A Reason, Purpose” is one of 8 songs we crafted, blessed by the Holy Spirit, inspired by God to go directly into the communities.  This music is energetic, it’s live, it’s hype, it’s fresh and It is refreshing and I believe not only will it energize our movement, but it will defiantly educate the communities that participate in the risk behavior that the hip hop music they are listening to now promotes.  If you like to support this approach, please go to that is life music with a “Z” and you can see how can support this movement. If you like for me to come out and speak at some of your events, perform some our songs at your events, to get us energized and keep us motivated as we go out here and protect the womb to the tomb. Please contact us through Thanks to everyone that supports what we do…. This is a Game Changer in THE PRO LIFE MOVEMENT!

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