Once you have an original copy of the Jacobs Ladder CD, the person that can memorize and recite the most lyrics off the Cd can win the prizes. This pilot challenge will take place in the Metro Atlanta area in the month of June, with the goal of being nation wide after the pilot is complete contact info@lifemuzic.com for more info. Note: The prize money will be in the denominations of Gift Cards (5 x $10,000 gift cards. $10,000 in clothing, $10,000 in recreation/gaming equipment, $10,000 Gasoline, $10,000 in groceries and $10,000 in home improvement...No Cash Substitutions) The 2nd and 3rd prize is broken down the same way: 2nd place 5 x $4,000 gift cards in the same areas as above, 3rd place 5 x $1,000 gift cards in the same areas as above. The original CD is $10.00 and one challenger per original CD.  For more questions please contact info@lifemuzic.com